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Články (únor 2019)

Interview with Andrew Yefremchenkov and Anastasia Siabro

Přidáno v sobota, 16 II 2019, 23:27 autorem admin | 0 komentářů
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We interviewed Andrew Yefremchenkov and Anastasia Siabro from Ukraine, who won the Amateur Rising Star Ballroom at the UK Open 2019. I wish people have more respect towards each other... Welcome the winners in Rising Stars today but tomorrow, surely, of the Amateur Open? [Anastasia]: Thank you so much! Of course (laughing). Can we use ...

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Interview with Alessandro Quaranta and Tiziana Giordani

Přidáno v pátek, 01 II 2019, 16:40 autorem admin | 0 komentářů
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We have interviewed Alessandro Quaranta and Tiziana Giordani, a couple who took the 3rd place in the Senior Latin at Blackpool Festival 2018. They are both from Italy. It was an interesting conversation because they are the living proof that there is never too late to start dancing! Dancing makes you feel alive with emotions When did you ...

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