Igor Kobiuk and Valeryya Kalyschuk dance together
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Igor Kobiuk and Valeryya Kalyschuk dance together

Přidáno v úterý, 12 XII 2017, 22:25 autorem admin
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We would like to announce the partnership of Igor Kobiuk and Valeryya Kalyschuk. They will dance in WDC in Professional Ballroom and will represent Ukraine. See their profile page.

Igor Kobiuk was several times Ukrainian national champion in Amateur and Professional Ballroom. In 2013 Igor was in the final of Professional Rising Star Ballroom in Blackpool Dance Festival, and won the same event at the International Championships.

Valeria Kalishchuk was few times WDC Youth AL World Ballroom vice-champion and Ukrainian Youth Ballroom champion.

They said: We are very much looking forward to participate in our first competition and share our passion for dance with you.