Stefano di Filippo and Dariya Chesnokova dance together

Stefano di Filippo and Dariya Chesnokova dance together

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The rumours of his new partnership were confirmed officially by Stefano di Filippo in his interview for "Di Più Tv". Stefano will dance with the Ukrainian Dariya Chesnokova.

Both Stefano and Dariya were looking for new dance partners and they decided to try-out together. They both instantly felt that that was it! Dariya is helping Stefano to prepare for the dance show: Dance with Milly. See more published on

Stefano di Filippo danced with Olga Urumova for the last two years until they split up in January 2012. They were Italian Professional Latin champions and finalists of the International, UK Open and Blackpool. See Stefano's profile page. Dariya Chesnokova danced with Valentin Chmerkovskiy between 2008 and 2011 and represented USA in Amateur Latin. They were national champions and third at Blackpool and UK Open. See Dariya's profile page

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FUJI čtvrtek, 30 VIII 2012, 08:53


i miss slavik


xyf888 pondělí, 27 VIII 2012, 02:21

Exciting - happy for them!