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Články (březen 2014)

Interview with Marek Fiksa and Kinga Jurecka-Fiksa

Přidáno v pondělí, 24 III 2014, 14:35 autorem admin | 0 komentářů
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We talked to Marek and Kinga after they won the Professional Rising Star Latin at the UK Open 2014 but before the Open event where they were in the top 15. Marek and Kinga are Polish Professional Latin champions. Of course, we don't dance to show technique but it allows us to express our emotions through dancing Congratulations for wi...

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Interview with Igor Mikushov & Ekaterina Romashkina

Přidáno v úterý, 04 III 2014, 09:52 autorem admin | 0 komentářů
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We had a pleasure to talk to Igor Mikushov and Ekaterina Romashkina who won the Professional Rising Star Ballroom at the UK Open 2014. Igor and Ekaterina represent USA. To become a great dancer you need to develop a personality Congratulations on winning the Rising Stars. Did you expect it to win? [Ekaterina]: It is never obvious! It w...

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