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Novinky (červenec 2015)

Julia Polai retires from competitions

Přidáno v středa, 22 VII 2015, 09:54 autorem admin | 0 komentářů
Read: 1 965

We have received an email from Julia Polai announcing her decision to retire from competitive dancing. Julia with various partner was an undefeated Austrian Professional Latin champion and represented her country at the European and World Latin championships and many other major international competitions run by WDC. With her former partner Aig...

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Interview with Sergiu Rusu and Dorota Makar

Přidáno v středa, 15 VII 2015, 16:46 autorem admin | 0 komentářů
Read: 2 156

We talked to Sergiu Rusu and Dorota Makar winners of the Amateur Ballroom event at Blackpool Festival 2015. Sergiu originally comes from Moldova but together with Dorota they represent Poland and are the current Polish Standard Champions. They tolds us how much they value tradition and how important it is for them to preserve the classic sty...

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