Ruben Rodriguez and Claudia Ketonen split
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Ruben Rodriguez and Claudia Ketonen split

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We have received an information that after short time dancing together Ruben Rodriguez and Claudia Ketonen have terminated their partnership. They represented Spain in WDSF Amateur Latin and were 7th in their last competition, the World Open Helsinki. See their profile page for more history and results.

With her previous partner Jüri Kagan, Claudia was Finnish Amateur Latin bronze medalist and represented Finland at the both World and European Latin championships. They split up after over 2 years of dancing together.

Ruben, with his partner Elena Zuzukina were Spanish Amateur I Latin champions in 2009. They represented Spain at the European Latin championships. With his next partner Masha Turlupova they became South European Latin champions in 2011.

Claudia is now looking for a new partner to continue her dancing career on the highest level. Ruben is also looking for the new partner.

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